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We help professionals operate as the best version of themselves and experience their careers from a place of Alignment.  Be the the leader you wish you had and one others wish they had.  Learn best practices to use Alignment as your successful edge.

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Leveraging the skill of Alignment is a great way to create and design our experiences on our terms.  To gain clarity, Opt-in to receive your Ace's path to Alignment Excellence ~ Ultimate Aceness! 

Who I help

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Emerging Leaders

Invest in yourself.  Learn how to create and design quality experiences that are conducive to your success.


Skilled Professionals

Add the element of quality to your performance. Learn how to leverage Alignment so you can experience your career strategically.


Managers & Executives

Expertise your leadership.  Learn how to enhance your strategic thinking acumen so your influence can garner a more cutting-edge impact.  One of quality.

How it works...

"Being in Alignment is a powerful place to be".  Want to develop your Strategic Thinking Acumen?  Here's where to start: 

Having a competitive edge while operating as the best version of ourselves in the the world of work is easily achievable when we have a blueprint.  Learning options include viewing the blog, reading the books and listening to the podcast.  Become proficient at being a high performing professional.  The best way to develop your capability in Alignment & Success strategies and best practices is by taking courses.  Check out these Alignment University programs: 


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What my participants are saying

What it's like working with Laëtitia: 

Eva Karlsson,
Advertising Consultant

"Laëtitia is an excellent coach.  I am impressed with her abilities and unique approaches to guide and motivate people to transform and accelerate in their career and personal growth.  Plus, her friendly demeanor and professional attitude made working with her a pleasant experience."

Eddie Rossi,

"Laëtitia's enthusiasm is contagious!  Before participating in her programs, I had a misconstrued perception of my role as a leader.  After working with her, my leadership style has evolved and my strategic thinking acumen has improved.  I highly recommend the Alignment Masterclass to anyone looking to become a better leader."

Jeanna Delgado,
Accounting Specialist

"After taking the "My Success" courses, my perspectives have evolved and I have a much deeper understanding of how things actually work.  I now have a sense of clarity I simply would not have learned in school or at work in such a relatable way.  This is by far the best investment I have made in my career since graduating from college." 

Just so you know...

Hi, I'm Laëtitia!  I am a passionate Talent Experience Enhancement Strategist & Alignment Success Architect.  I am also an Author, a Leaders and a Podcaster.

♠️  "I spent twenty years in the corporate world working with people from all walks of life, cultures, and professional levels within a variety of industries.  I learned how people think in professional settings and what makes a few of them powerful and influential.  Those who do well tend to have something special in them.  That common denominator is Alignment.  It has become my expertise and that's what I teach, along with strategies to create experiences that are conducive to sustaining success." ♠️ 

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Featured blog posts

Achieve your goals through the stability of consistency 

"The stability that comes from Consistency is transformational.  It is a process that often takes time but it allows for creating powerful habits while we wait for the fruits of our labor to arrive.  The key is to maintain enthusiasm and continuing it on a regular basis." 

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Leaders, are you energizing your teams?

"The energy you bring into any environment as a leader will impact your interactions and will influence the wya you motivate and engage others.  What relational energy do you leverage and evoke from others?  In this article, we discuss what that looks like in a corporate environment." 

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What does it mean to be a healthy corporate citizen?

"Being a healthy corporate citizen is important.  If anything, the last few years may have taught us that we need to do a little better.  Having a job is one of the basic drivers for most people, and making the most of the experience is nothing to sneeze at!  Many of us have worked in environments that are less than desirable.  Others have been lucky enough to land types of milieus that enhance who they are as professionals and that provides a sense of stability.  There is nothing like feeling professionally safe.  So we must ponder, are there things we can do to ensure we contribute in the best way possible?  Indeed there are..." 

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Self-Coached Stepping StoneLeap of Faith ~ simple reflections from "my success" tool kit

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