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Alignment leads to success.  The key to creating and designing experiences on our terms lies in our ability to understand human dynamics, how things unravel circumstantially and how to go about managing them effectively.  That's what an Ace, someone who excels, avails themselves of.  The approach is a matter of mastering Strategic Thinking Acumen via the skill set of Alignment.  You can learn that through life, experience or overtime or you can get ahead of it, and impact your experience and career yourself.  Be a High Performing Professional & a Leader.  See options below. ♠️ 

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Featured Experience Options

Ace's Blog 

"They say "you are what you read".  An Ace knows being intentional with the things we expose ourselves to helps to maintain alignment.  That's the point of this blog, top provide content that contributes to professional well-being and an evolved thought process so that the level of conversations is elevated.  Gain Alignment & Success insight." 

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Ace's Books & Workbooks

"They say reading is good for the brain.  It introduces us to new ideas and invites us to solve problems. It improves our conversational skills, strengthens our worldview and convictions.  It also improves our self-discipline and consistency.  These are all attributes of an Ace.  Current offerings include the Alignment Management FrameworkTM workbook and the book Ace Your Professional Journey - The Ace Mindset Alignment Paradigm."  

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Ace Courses 

"Invest in yourself and fill any knowledge gap on Alignment & Success.  Learn best practices and strategies to improve your Strategic Thinking Acumen with our two program tracks (1) "My Alignment" Signature Program, focused on fluency and skills mastery (2) "My Success" Signature Program, focused on alignment management (coming soon) and (3) "My Aligned Leadership" Signature Program, focused on self-awareness leadership (coming 2022).  Learn their ins and outs as well as practical steps to impact and strategize your experience.  Excel professionally as a result."   


Ace Podcast Hub

"My goal is simple:  to avail you with ideas, thought leaders, and information related to Alignment & Success to contribute to your professional journey.  Connect via conversations, panel interviews, and calls to action.  I hope it inspires you to grow personally and professionally.  

Ace Tuition Deals

Ace Scholarship Deal

"The Ace Scholarship Deal is an opportunity to win a FREE registration to the "My Alignment" Signature Courses.  Apply to each program or to both.  You could be selected as the lucky winner for the annual December drawing.  Best of Luck!  🍀

Ace Corporate Deal

"The Ace Corporate Deal is an opportunity for Employers, Coaches, HR Professionals and Talent Developers to take advantage of group discounts to the "My Alignment" Signature Courses.  Help shape the Ace Corporate Citizens in your organization - This is a great way to elevate your organization's culture and help maintain its alignment." 

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