Refund Policy


Because the products sold on our website are digital, they cannot be returned and are therefore, non-refundable. Please email us if you have any specific questions about this before your investment: [email protected]

Payment Plan and Returns:  If you're currently on a payment plan and would like a return or refund, we will remove our theme and cancel your future payments.  Due to our services being rendered, we will not issue refunds on previous payments.


By purchasing you are legally bound to the following terms:

Our processes are copyrighted Aligned Corporate Experiences. Each process has been reviewed by the USPTO and our attorney.  This site stamp may not be removed at any time and must remain indefinitely.

You may not resell any courses or processes or claim them as your own. Aligned Corporate Experiences owns the property rights to all processes, graphics and files included in each course, including all supporting materials. You are prohibited from sharing the documentation or any elements we provide.

Trainers and other Talent Development Professionals are prohibited from claiming our processes as their own and promoting them as original work.

All concepts used in demo webinars are not for use with any live website. Concepts provided in these webinars are copyrighted and protected.