About the Author

Laëtitia is a Thought Leader, Speaker, Podcaster and Subject Matter Expert in Strategic Thinking acumen.

She is the developer of the Alignment competency helping professionals leverage their strategic thinking acumen for workplace success and career wellbeing. 

My Motivation

"I wrote these books to make sense of mine and others' experiences.  It turns out, I've lived quite an interesting life and for a long time did not realize the value of some of the challenges and interesting or unexpected transitions I've encountered along the way.  At an early age, I would often question circumstances from a place of curiosity.  Once I gained some clarity, my life experiences and career journey changed for the better.  Understanding how things truly work was the key for me.  I now make a game of it all and am better able to connect the dots.  Today, I share the things that have given me awareness and relief because I want to help others lead their experiences on their terms, too.  It is about owning our selves and managing the quality of our experiences successfully. 

And it has everything to do with Alignment".

Ace Your Professional Journey

This book will change the way you perceive your professional life, for good.

Ace Your Professional Journey, The Ace Mindset Alignment Paradigm is an inspirational read written with you in mind.  It provides you with strategies and best practices that can help you understand how you can create and design your professional experiences on your terms.  It is helpful to anyone looking for a process of transformation, looking to understand how things unravel circumstantially, and how to go about managing them effectively.  This book provides context for wanting to create change, an understanding of mindset, paradigms, alignment, and the Ace thought process.  In this book, a specific formula is shared and explained, and an inspirational transition through the transformation of professional growth and evolution is demonstrated.  You're gonna love it!  ~ Laëtitia ♠️

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Master Your Alignment

This book will open your eyes to the value of developing your strategic thinking acumen.

Master Your Alignment, The Ace Mindset Blueprint Framework serves as a reference guide to help you leverage the skill of Alignment as a competency.  Simply put:  By choosing to pay attention to the quality of our thoughts we can create powerful experiences for ourselves.  This practical tool can be leveraged to impact the trajectory of our journeys, both personally and professionally.  This book provides a framework that evokes a sense of consciousness by those who choose this approach as their caliber for excellence.  Manage yourself within a variety of dynamics with awareness and confidence to help you succeed in your career and in other parts of your life by leading yourself, first. A direct benefit:  your value as a high performing professional increases and expands.  See for yourself! ~ Laëtitia ♠️

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Lead Your Experience

This book will help you master your strategic thinking acumen from a leadership perspective.

Lead Your Experience, Alignment for Leaders, is your go-to resource if you are a true leader or aspiring to be one.  Leadership is an art as its experience cannot be predefined.  Our ability to maintain our alignment is not only our competitive edge, it is the key to success.  The art of leading from a place of alignment is what leaders leverage to maintain their position of power and influence, especially at times that seem to appear to challenge their personal values.  Outside of knowledge, skills and abilities, people often attribute the success of leaders to the quality of their relationships. Yet here is the key:  as leaders, our greatest influence is our own alignment.  When we master our strategic thinking acumen it results in healthy practices and economies benefit. This contribution is the value alignment yields! ~ Laëtitia ♠️

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Ace Your Professional Journey 

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Master Your Alignment

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Lead Your Experience

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