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My Success 

The key to succeeding in your professional experience is to equip yourself with viable tools to manage your Alignment.    
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"My Success" 

In this program, you will get:

  • The Alignment Management Audio Series
  • The Alignment Paradigm Formula Online Workshop 
  • The Alignment Management Framework Workbook
  • The Book:  Ace your Professional Journey

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Introducing the Alignment Management series:

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Alignment is within your reach

The art of experience shifting from a place of Alignment is an amazing skill every professional should have access to in their quest to acing their professional journeys.  Improve your professional experience and level up with the powerful "My Success" Signature Program.  Learn all about Strategic Thinking and its acumen from a place of Alignment via the Alignment Management series.  ♠️

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Manage your Alignment to:

  • Solve your performance-related concerns confidentially, timely and at your convenience
  • Apply the Ace Alignment perspective as a leadership strategy & Feel supported
  • Acquire skills to remain a High Performing Professional in any toxic or unhealthy environment
  • Gain tools to maintain a healthy experience while developing your leadership competency
  • Learn how to increase your frequency level & vibrational output to impact your professional value
  • Remote access and "on the go", take as many sessions as you wish or just the one(s) you need
  • Worth the investment to enhance your experience

How the program is delivered

The "My Success" signature program is available in this format:

The Alignment Management series is structured as digestible audio recordings that are self-paced and self-directed.  Module 1 covers the overview and introduces the Alignment Management FrameworkTM in details, Then each subsequent individual session dives into a different application leveraging the framework (how each problem can be approached and resolved).  There are no quizzes or assessments.  There is an optional self-directed participant workbook that can be completed at anytime, and on your terms.  ♠️

Here is how the sessions are grouped:

  1. Career Capital dynamics - Ten sessions bundle +
  2. People dynamics - Ten sessions bundle =
  3. Workplace dynamics:  Both People and Career Capital bundles - All 20 sessions
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A look inside the Alignment Management series bundles

Here are selected workplace concerns that are assessed to help you manage your Alignment in a manner that is conducive to your success: 

Career Capital dynamics.

Ten sessions

  1.   Pigeon-holed/not being considered for certain opportunities
  2.   Transitioning from colleague to supervisory/management level
  3.   Handling a major mistake/reputation management
  4.   New skills acquisition/professional development
  5.   Working in a role not in line with talents
  6.   Compensation concerns
  7.   Career overwhelment
  8.   Career change
  9.   Career passion/path/gifts discovery
  10.   Career success

People dynamics.

Ten sessions

  1.   Upper management negativity/weak workplace culture
  2.   Job search/interviewing
  3.   Job loss/unemployment
  4.   Having to deal with a disconnected boss
  5.   Managing disconnection with teammates
  6.   Psychological safety - bullies & harassers
  7.   Invalidated negative performance review/no promotion
  8.   Collaboration disharmony impacting projects progression 
  9.   Comparing successes with others
  10.   The true role of HR as it pertains to professional career journey

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Alignment Management FrameworkTM 
~ Workbook ~

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I relate!

Why I created this program:

I want to provide a self-directed approach to help people help themselves...

Sometimes, when we are in the middle of a problem, depending on our environment and the people we are surround by, it can be difficult to assess things objectively and with clarity, and we may not have much resources or personal time available to work on shifting our experiences for the better.  That's the reason I created the Alignment Management FrameworkTM so it can serve as a support system for practicality.  My goal is to provide a circumstantial management approach for anyone who finds themselves needing to handle a variety of workplace issues from a place of Alignment and still function as a high performing professional.   Dealing with unnecessary stress affects our professional effectiveness, and lowers our vibrational outputs and frequency levels.   This is especially helpful for emerging leaders who find themselves in challenging work environments.  So, let's do something about it!"  ♠️

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Meet your instructor

Your instructor is Laëtitia Gnago.  Review her About page for specific details. 
In her own words:

"Hi!  I'm Laëtitia.  I'm a Talent Experience Enhancement Strategist and Alignment Success Architect.  As your partner for success, I have earned credentials in the Talent Management field, in addition to my higher education and years of professional work experience training professionals from entry level to executives.  I am best known for simplifying complex information into digestible, easy to understand and relatable context; especially when it comes to Strategic Thinking Acumen.  More importantly, I am the creator of Alignment University; which encompasses my Alignment Management FrameworkTM and the Alignment & Success best practices concepts in practicality as a new competitive edge.  This alone makes me best qualified to teach it!  It is my passion and my expertise.  I look forward to being part of your learning experience."  ♠️

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