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The key to succeeding in your professional experience is to equip yourself with viable tools to manage your Alignment.  Your career will thank you!  

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About this Program

In this program, you will get:

  1. The Alignment Management Audio Series
  2. The Alignment Paradigm Formula Online Workshop
  3. The Turning Point Alignment Transformation live coaching course

Recommended material to purchase:

  • The Alignment Management Framework workbook
  • The books:  Ace Your Professional Journey & Master Your Alignment
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Invest in your Career Wellness

Ready for your career experience upgrade?

Manage Your Alignment to:

  • Solve your performance-related concerns confidentially, timely and at your convenience
  • Apply the Ace Alignment perspective as a leadership strategy and feel supported
  • Acquire skills to remain a High Performing Professional in unhealthy environment
  • Gain tools to maintain a healthy experience while developing your leadership competency
  • Learn how to increase your frequency level & vibrational output to impact your professional value
  • Use mobile access "on the go" to take as many sessions as you wish or just the one(s) you need
  • Invest in yourself to enhance your experience

A look inside the Alignment Management series bundle

The program is delivered via audio format.  It is self-paced and self-directed.  There are no quizzes and no assessments.  Here are selected workplace concerns that are assessed to help you manage your Alignment in a manner that is conducive to your success:

Career Capital dynamics 

Ten sessions:

  1. Pigeon-holed/not being considered for certain opportunities
  2.   Transitioning from colleague to supervisory/management level
  3.   Handling a major mistake/reputation management
  4.   New skills acquisition/professional development
  5.   Working in a role not in line with talents
  6.   Compensation concerns
  7.   Career overwhelment
  8.   Career change
  9.   Career passion/path/gifts discovery
  10.   Career success

People Workplace dynamics

Ten sessions:

  1.  Upper management negativity/weak workplace culture
  2.   Job search/interviewing mindset
  3.   Job loss/unemployment mindset
  4.   Maintaining while dealing with a disconnected boss
  5.   Managing disconnection with teammates
  6.   Psychological safety - navigating bullies & harassers at work
  7.   Invalidated negative performance review/no promotion
  8.   Collaboration disharmony impacting projects progression 
  9.   Comparing successes with others
  10.   The true role of HR as it pertains to your career journey

Alignment Paradigm Formula

In this online workshop, you will learn:

  • The Alignment Paradigm Formula 
  • How it will help you grow and succeed
  • The benefits of having a change in mindset
  • What Alignment is and how to operate in Alignment
  • Brief course overview:  Phases I, II & III

 Recommended:  Ace Your Professional Journey

Turning Point Alignment Transformation Cohort

In this live group coaching workshop, you will learn:

  • Assess - Develop an understand of how things have materialized 
  • Circumstantial Management - How to redirect your experiences, even while in the same environment 
  • Release & Reconnect - How to design new experiences so that they start working in your favor 

Recommended:  Master Your Alignment

Alignment Management Workbook

Take advantage of this excellent resource!

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Ace Your Professional Journey

This book will provide much clarity!

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Master Your Alignment

This book will help you leverage your alignment!

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Learning from our programs will transform your career and professional work life for good. 

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