The Biggest Missing Piece to Achieving Transformation Success

alignment mindset success Apr 06, 2022


Have you ever found it challenging keeping a simple commitment to yourself? If so, know that we’ve all felt that way about something important to us. Nearly everyone I know has, sometime or another, found themselves "stuck"- wanting to do something yet not acting on their intentions. 

So why don't we do some of the things we want to or know we should like elevating our professional value to match those of an expert or leader in our field we can be proud of? 

Let's say you keep putting off that new training program or certification you’d like to have. You can even imagine what it might mean to you: gaining expertise and learning more about your profession, feeling the sense of accomplishment that comes from earning the credential, new found confidence and opportunities that will follow... Still, you don't do it. So why do you keep putting it off? What's preventing you from taking those first steps? 

Consider this...  

Generally, it appears that our minds tend to see the obstacles first - those barriers that lie between where we are now and where we want to be or who we want to become. Just as fast as we conceive of earning the credential, our minds begin to spout out every excuse it can come up with why we can't attain our goal. So even before we can initiate any action, we literally paralyze ourselves. And once our heads begin to fill with all the obstacles that could potentially keep us from achieving your newfound goal, suddenly our desire to even try is suppressed. Sometimes, we simply get in our own way.

But what if all the obstacles were removed? 

Think about it for a moment: if whatever deterred us from attempting to build our very best career suddenly vanished, we'd have no fear stopping us, right? 

What if there was a way to take those obstacles and instantly transform them into strategies for achieving success... Would you consider starting, or sticking to, your new (or current) professional endeavor plan then? 

"... we can choose to transform the circumstances that tend to oppose us into specific decisions and actions that can lead us to our goals." True empowerment we can use to our advantage! 

Consider approaching this from an Aligned perspective… Yes, that’s all it takes!

So what does mean? In this context, how can we break through our fears, remove those barriers, and transform those obstacles into strategies for achieving our professional goals? It's really quite simple - address it from a place of Alignment. We have researched all types of excuses and, while we could take each obstacle that potentially stands in the way of your success and a provide very specific success strategy to blast through them and help you reach your professional development goals, we are going to cut to the chase here:

Are you ready? Great... it’s not rocket science! 

Make a decision and align with it. That’s really all you need to consider.

This is your most powerful tool. What happens when you make a decision? All of a sudden you find it in you to: 

  • Get inspired
  • Take initiative
  • Do necessary research
  • Identify your reasons
  • Make relevant choices
  • Make time
  • Plan ahead
  • Figure out what needs to be done
  • Find opportunities for financing your goals
  • Set (S.M.A.R.T), effective and commanding goals
  • Take calculated risks
  • Find the energy needed
  • Rearrange your priorities
  • Select a do-able approach
  • Commit
  • Gain the confidence to succeed
  • Measure your progress
  • Find motivation
  • Find excitement in your pursuit 

Final thoughts:

That’s it! Remember, designing a career you can be proud of does not follow an absolute straight line. Life doesn't work that way anyway. Things take time and sometimes it’s just a matter of “feeling up to it”. But now that you understand the Aligned perspective of turning literally any obstacle into a stepping stone for your success, you can create the professional results you so desire. 

By making the decision and most importantly, aligning with it unequivocally, committing to turning these once fearful obstacles into powerful success strategies, you will begin to create extraordinary results in your career and achieve your professional goals.


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