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ace alignment mindset success Sep 12, 2021


Almost everyone is striving to improve some facet of our lives whether it is our image, spirituality, financial status, health or just our self-respect.  

Billions of dollars each year are spent on weight control, stress management, health and wellness products, self-improvement resources, you name it. Over $800 billion a year and growing to be more explicit.

We constantly strive for more, or better.  It is our desire to succeed that drives us. 

There are Books, CD's, Podcasts, Infomercials, Seminars, even personal coaches. And how 'bout the hundreds and hundreds of motivational speakers. All, to help us achieve our goal to succeed. Whether we are striving to lose weight, get more exercise, improve our relationships or business skills, reduce stress or gain financial independence, there is someone or something out there to help us.

Another venue for self-improvement is the Internet. Many websites are available to offer articles and self help guides. But, I would like to bring your attention to Aligned Corporate Experiences. At ACE, we created a mindset school to help people, especially emerging leaders, but really for all people, how to go about changing the momentum of their circumstances to become the leaders they wish they had. ACE offers courses, group coaching, and an array of information conducive to elevate one’s mindset so that they can create and design the types of experiences that are conducive to success. We teach the not-so-secret attitudes, techniques, methods and strategies that, when you learn and choose to apply them, will skyrocket your success in virtually every area of your life. 

ACE is also growing in momentum. Our "Ace Your Professional Journey" book tackled the reality of understanding how we get into the circumstances that we fall into and how to get ourselves out of them. Our programs are unheard of in today's professional-development market because we focus on the individual, first.  Then we combine it within a professional context.  Why? Because we know every person takes themselves with them everywhere they go, meaning the same cycles tend to repeat themselves until we are ready to take a clear, internal look on how we got to where we are and the amazingly easy things we can do to grow out of them. Our offerings tackle topics in Personal Development, Leadership, Motivation and Success disciplines just to name a few.  ACE is all about keeping every professional in a place of Alignment so that they create situations that are conducive to their success.

All in all, we believe that ACE is the best value. Our content, expert advice, and coaching opportunities can help make you even more confident and powerful than you may think suffices.


Want to know more about Alignment?  Check out my podcast episode.  This time, I'm the guest!

Alignment & Success Strategies for a Healthy Work Experience

July 21st, 2021

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