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alignment energy mindset success Aug 15, 2021


What does it mean to manifest a desire? Let's look at the words manifest and desire. Manifest means to offer proof, attest to or to display clearly.

So when we say manifest a desire, we say to display your desire as having been fulfilled or to offer proof of something. For example if your desire is to have a house and you eventually have gotten the house you wanted then it is safe to say that your desire has been manifested.

Now we have first explained what it means to manifest a desire. So let's now talk about various ways that we can manifest a desire.  

One of the ways and the most popular way to manifest a desire is through action. In other words first you define what it is you want or desire and then you start working on it.

But is that the best way to manifest a desire? Possibly, but we think there's more to it. Why do we say that?  Because only focusing on taking Action is effort and effort can be taxing.  And besides, there's no guarantee that we will manifest our desires.  Just look around you in the world. Everybody is working themselves to a standstill, but does it mean they are getting what they want?

Not necessarily.  Many are just barely getting by. In a modern society when everything is owned at credit, people are having houses and cars but it is not really theirs, until that feeling of luxury is paid off. This is not really an ideal way to get the things we want, but it works.

There is another and more effective way to manifest a desire and it is to use our minds. You see our minds are much more powerful than many people realize.

When we use pure action to manifest our desires we are chasing after something that is doing its best to run away from us. On the other hand, when we use our minds and the concepts of Alignment, we are attracting what we want toward us.

The benefits of using our minds to manifest a desire are many, but let us give you just a few here: 

  • It takes less time,
  • It takes less effort,
  • We feel better and are happier,
  • We have time to spend with the people we love,
  • Our success is guaranteed 

However when we try to manifest our desire through pure action only, this is what we get: 

  • We may not enjoy what we do, like with most people, because we only do it to manifest a desire,
  • We are easily tired,
  • We can get frustrated and angry that things are not working out for us,
  • We have no time for the people in our lives because we are constantly working,
  • We approach things from a place of relentless, which can lead to exhaustion 

So as we can see from the above.  Action alone is no substitute for pure focussed energy to manifest our desires faster than we can imagine. Using our minds brings about the expectation of what we want. Then we start to create thoughts that attract situations, people, circumstances and events that are conducive to what we want. From there we get to make choices that lead to making the right type of action to officially manifest what we want.  Things slowly fall into place.  That's creating things and experiences from a place of Alignment.

Remember the times when you believed in yourself and were positive about something; specifically how it went? And remember the times when you did something mechanically without really believing in it?

That's the power of belief and thought demonstrated there. We can manifest our desires and we can start today, using your mind, not just action.

What we are saying is:  attract success instead of chasing it. Put the energy of your positive expectations out there and watch what and how it comes back. 


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July 21st, 2021

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