Maintaining Alignment when dealing with "unsuccessful" others

alignment mindset success May 04, 2022


On our daily journey to achieve our Alignment, we travel through many different avenues and sometimes we ask ourselves, "Why did I need to meet this person or experience this situation?".   The key is to maintaining Alignment when faced with unexpected situations and truly understanding that we must become an information filter and use our personal intuition and thought process to create success from our experiences.

When we decide to become a filter and filter through all the information that is taken in through our inputs, we begin to find answers to the reasons for certain experiences in our lives and careers. What we learn from each situation that we experience will be the foundation for future decisions. The Aligned perspective is that "every failure is a stepping stone to success, which serves as information for how to do better or differently next time." Simply put, this means out of every failure, we will filter information that will empower us to make wiser decisions based on information we learned from our personal and professional detours!

As we begin to realize we must become a filter - listen and observe more than we talk, we become amazed at the insight we gain. When we combine being confident from the perspective of acquiring knowledge, awareness and along with being a filter, we will empower ourselves to achieve Alignment! Gaining a sense of knowledge and awareness is very simple. It starts with Curiosity. We must immerse ourselves in the knowledge of the Experts and Leaders in our field of endeavor.  

What does that look like? Here’s a great example: A new professional becomes a distributor in a direct sales organization, and chooses to do some research to find out what the top earners in their professional field are doing. As a result, they acquire the opportunity to be able to break all records and build an effective team and impact the organization positively. This professional may be nothing special, but the methods used are considered effective because they are proven to work.  They did not do so from a place of competition with those they admired.  They did it from a place of Alignment, believing that they too, can earn the same level of abundance.  Remember, the smartest people are those that realize they are not the brightest or the best, they are lifelong learners.  

Each day that we embark upon our journey toward our Alignment, we need to be constantly absorbing as much relevant information as possible. Success leaves clues, and usually it is a long list of failures accompanied with one major success. We have all failed at something in the past and right now some of us may be questioning our actions. The best way to overcome an unwanted reputation, is to become an information filter and knowledge sponge. Start to utilize your Aligned perspective on the circumstances you encounter and before you know it, you will feel better about your circumstances and the negative things you encounter will dissipate by your lack of attention to them! We highly suggest surrounding yourself with people who are in Alignment with the person and professional you aspire to be. Spend a fair amount of time doing some mindset self care. Adding positive experiences to your routine EACH AND EVERY DAY is an effective way to maintain Alignment. In other words, you can redirect your experiences by the things you give attention to


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