How to Change Your Mindset and transition your career

Nov 10, 2021


Changing your mindset can help you to accomplish all kinds of things in life. It can help you to be happier with what you have right now, it can help you to go after the right goals and ambitions and it can help you to be more successful in your current career.

And it can also help you change the direction of your career and help you to be more effective in going after what you want, if you feel ready for a different professional experience. Read on and we’ll see how a simple mindset shift changes everything in this sense.

Frozen by Fear

If you’re just like most people, then chances are that you’ll feel a fair amount of pause when thinking about making a major professional transition. You’ll find yourself thinking that you might not fair out for worthy opportunities or fear making the leap to completely change the course of your profession or that you may not be ready quite yet.

The first trick to fixing this problem is to acknowledge it. Simply understanding that it’s just fear of change that’s holding you back and knowing the nature of that fear will give you the chance to undo it. Here's the good news:  you know what you don't want.

In this case, we’re going to undo it by removing the risk.

How to Mitigate Risk in a Career transition 

Now that you are clear about what you don't want, you can simply change your strategy to mitigate the risk and to put yourself in a position for a better chance of success.

In this case, that means removing the opportunity for a potential employer to turn you down or greatly reducing the chances. And the simple way to do that, is to look at your experience and figure out which of your transferable skills you can leverage before approaching recruiters, for example! 

How can you do this? By making a list of the skills you already have that are a match to a job role you might be interested in pursuing.  Read job descriptions and check out sources like the occupational outlook handbook, job boards, leverage your connections, and think of other similar resources that are within your reach, before taking steps to send out your resume, etc.  Would you benefit from conducting an informational interview with a professional in your desired new field or industry?  Could you join an association and get to know what professionals in that field consider important? Would attending a conference help?  There’s a lot that can be done during your “research” phase.  Put yourself in a position to be successful.

You can take this further and essentially edging forward without having a solid strategy can lead to delaying your chances for a smooth transition – removing the fear and changing your mindset in the process!  It's all about strategizing...


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