Finding the Drive and Determination to train regularly

alignment mindset train Nov 24, 2021


Exercising is good for the brain.  It helps us maintain the clarity that only those who workout regularly understand.  The difference in the way we feel on the days we don’t work out is telling.

Working out is something that many of us feel we should do more of – whether that means jogging, lifting weights or training for some kind of sporting event. The hope is that by training, we’ll be able to build more muscle and burn more fat, which in turn will give us the physique that we’re looking for.

Thus we go about creating these elaborate training programs, filled with multiple workouts throughout the week. We combine this with some kind of diet that involves eating a very small number of calories and we generally just force ourselves to live in discomfort for days and months to reach our goals.

Except come day two, we will often already have abandoned that goal. Why? Because it’s just too intense to stick at and we were too ambitious. If you’re already tired and you’re inactive most evenings as a result, how do you intend to add 5 hours of training to your current routine? And how do you intend to do all that while also factoring in 30 minutes of travel, washing and cool down after each session? Or when taking into account a calorie deficit giving you less energy than you would normally have?

Be Realistic

The first problem with this type of training and thus the first thing we need to focus upon, is our ambition. It’s great to be realistic of course – but not at the extent of being realistic. There’s only so much we can expect our body to accomplish in a given week and our energy (not just our time) is finite. Instead of starting with five one hour workouts, what about starting with three half hour ones? And find other ways to make it easier too; such as training from home, etc.  In other words, we ought to do what we can and what is manageable so that we can maintain and stay consistent.  And getting enough sleep is key.

Focus on the Vision

What’s also important is that we focus on the vision and we focus on the ‘dream’. Why is it that we want to work out? What are we hoping to achieve? What would it feel like to have that body you’ve always wanted? To feel confident and energetic?

It’s too easy to miss that connection between our dream and the steps we have to take to get there. So to make sure that we’re driven in the right direction, let’s really focus on that dream and what it can deliver us. Really imagine what it will feel like to accomplish our goals and use this to drive us!

Why is this important?  Because getting in shape is not just about its physical benefits.  It’s about staying ahead, having clarity of mind, feeling worthy within ourselves at an elemental level and enjoying life.  Being physically in good shape elevates our mental standards and contributes to our Alignment potential. 


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