Desire - Fuel for Success: How to Keep it Alive and Burning Strong

mindset success Jun 01, 2022


What is it that makes a person go where others don't dare tread? And what keeps them going even when the odds seem so insurmountable? When others around them expect the worst, and obstacle upon obstacle, cause them to wonder if perhaps, just perhaps, everybody might be right and they may be unrealistic?

That is what is called DESIRE! Desire is one of the strongest emotions, and one of the greatest forces man has ever known. When harnessed properly it will give us everything we have ever wanted! Desire is the Fuel for success.

Just as a car or any other automobile needs fuel to keep going, a person's desire is what drives them and will ultimately determine if they will hold that prize at the end of the race. The thing that determines why the one person Does and the other Doesn't is not physical ability or the lack thereof, but desire and or the absence thereof.

It is said where there is a will there is a way, but what isn't said is that the will doesn't exist by itself and of itself. It is fueled by desire. If you have lost your desire for whatever it is you want, you will not take the necessary actions to reach your goal.  

Desire doesn't reason or justify. All it wants is satisfaction. It is not concerned with how we bring it about. It has to come from us. In other words, desiring something to satisfy another person will not result in the best possible outcome.

Desire, like most things is not something we are born with. It is a force and power which comes from what we have experienced, may want to experience differently and the things we believe are possible for ourselves. If we do not think something is attainable then we likely will not take the right types of actions to bring it about.  

When we see something we admire, it does something to us. It triggers a power or force that will either die a natural death, or will become a raging fire.

That depends on what we do with it from that point onwards. We can desire an exciting career, a specific job or role and to travel the world. However this will not mean much, until we crystallize this desire into something tangible, something we can see, hear, smell or touch.

So, from an Aligned perspective, to induce desire for whatever it is we want, we have to introduce the object of our desire, as a possible outcome. The more we see something as possible for us to have, the stronger our desire for that thing will become and the better the choices we will make to create it in our experience. It may take time, and may happen in a way we did not expect but the likelihood of it becoming a reality for us hinges upon our belief that it is possible for us to have in the first place. And here’s an idea to consider: The simple desire itself is an indication that it is possible to have. How? If it weren’t, the idea of it would not have been generated. This is because we have to be in its vicinity, in the first place to even perceive it.  

Think back several years ago. Some of the things you are considering now would have never even crossed your mind hadn’t it been for the experiences you have conjured thus far that has brought the thought about.

Here is a final thought. Desire alone will not accomplish our goals for us, it is just the Fuel. Imagine a car with fuel but no engine. Or a car that has fuel and an engine but no wheels. It won't go anywhere. The same goes when we only have desire.  We must take action and steps toward making it happen.

This by the way describes about 90% of all the people in the world, who only desire things but are not prepared to do what it takes to get what they want.


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