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We believe there are two words that are the driving force behind our ability to personally achieve our ultimate outcome and our Alignment. These two words are the most powerful words that you can and will ever speak to yourself about any situation - "CAN" and "CAN'T" To put things in perspective: "CAN" is a word of power; whereas, "CAN'T" is a word of retreat.

You have the power to decide if you wish to ACHIEVE or RETREAT, because when you speak victory words such as "I CAN", you will attain whatever you set out to do regardless of what others are saying to you. In the professional world, those who tend to work from a place of Alignment usually look at challenges from the perspective of what can be done, where can we contribute best, how can we make things work? There are many leaders in the professional world who may tell you that in the beginning of their journey the majority of people told them ----you CAN'T do that! Rejection is part of the dynamics of working. Fortunately, they disregarded these statements and listened to their inner voice, who said, "Oh yes I CAN!" (lol)

The key in life is to realize the most important person who speaks to you every day is you on the inside! You need to review your Alignment in Life and see if you are on track toward maintaining your Alignment, or are you on a detour because someone told you, "You CAN'T do that so stop dreaming and just forget about it!" As a personal mindset builder, you need to speak to your inner person and say to yourself, "Today I will take another productive stride!" 

Here’s the reality. People will tell you what is possible FOR THEM. Not necessarily for you. And that’s okay. They have experienced certain things that makes them believe so. So rather than wasting time trying to convince someone who is determined to misunderstand you, refocus on yourself and what is possible within the environment you find yourself in. If the environment is “bigger” than you then it’s okay to start looking around for another where you can relate to people who maybe more open-minded.

A great tip we love sharing: Each morning, visualize yourself winning. Your personal outcome for each day is to build a community of people who we can inspire and motivate all you to make your world a better place. This is important because you will start to focus on the positive, bit by bit. It will lead you to feel that you are setting yourself up to be in a position to be successful. While some days it may be difficult, being consistent will yield to an improved overall stance toward it.

We are very proud and appreciative of the people who have stepped up to the plate and made being in Alignment an important part of their journeys, for it makes for better leaders and better experiences to all who must interact.  

In summary, you need to ask yourself a very honest question, "Am I listening to my victory words from the inside or am letting the outer defeat (unsuccessful) words control my outcome in life?".


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