Applying Alignment to Your Career!

alignment mindset success Apr 20, 2022


It is said that being in Alignment is the most powerful place to be. Some say you have to be Aligned in order to be a good Leader. Others say it’s about Professionalism. But it needs not be an either or - it can simply be a way of thinking and, ultimately, behaving in a professional setting that yields to relevant professional experiences that are conducive to Success

Basically, Alignment says that you carry yourself a certain way and make specific choices based on your thoughts and perspective about who you are and how things work. By believing that you are in the right environment based on where your professional path is supposed to undergo, you are said to "attract" those circumstances you desire by the things you accept and your intention about the projects you are assigned to fulfill. When you operate from a place of Alignment, you create experiences that tend to result in professional contentment or advancement and eventually provide opportunities to excel

When you operate from a place of Alignment, you tend to attract the necessary people, events and experiences for those desires to manifest success in your career. You are said to attract those things on which you focus your energy.  To that end enjoy this tip: 

"If you don't like something take away its only power:  Your Attention".

How can Alignment be applied to your job? Here are some ideas.

1. What Do You Want?

Determining just what it is that you want is the basic beginning of operating in Alignment. After all, you can't visualize your dreams if you don't know what they are. So, it's a good idea to begin by being quite specific about what you want from your Career. 

2. Expect

Expecting is said to create your personal "energy."  When you are in Alignment, you simply create and design your own energy. Every day, try envisioning yourself as successful in your job. Try to make your expectations specific - you receive an award; you join a team of skilled colleagues who speak of important things; you find 10 new clients...etc... Spend time each day with these thoughts in the forefront of your mind. 

Imagine that you have already achieved what you want. This is said to heighten your awareness to the opportunities you will begin to experience. 

3. Believe It's Yours

To operate as the best version of yourself, you have to understand how you respond to situations and the maturity level you apply in response to circumstances that present themselves on a consistent basis.  Accept those experiences that come your way as a result of things you have put your attention on.  Like any mindset goal, you need to overcome doubt and trust that you will, in fact, attract the types of experiences that are conducive to your success. If you work in sales and want to sell more of your company’s product or service, for instance, believe it can happen. As you visualize, move into trust. Accept that these business goals and achievements are yours. 

Another element of believing it's yours, is to cultivate a healthy sense that you deserve these accomplishments and dreams. If you continue to think you're not worthy, regardless of your current situation, it could affect the energy you emit naturally, and attract less than desirable attention to your endeavors.   The people who will stay in your vicinity are those will be those who are not helpful, for lack of better term.  How else do you equate multi-millionaires with no formal education or support system being so successful? There has to be more to this than only following a certain professional path.  When you're doing everything else you are supposed, leverage Alignment to better your circumstances and experiences.

4. It’s already done. 

Believe that what you are seeking to achieve is not only within reach, and that it is already done.   That what you seek is also seeking you.  Imagine yourself a few months down the road, celebrating these achievements.  Put that positive energy out there and watch barriers come down one by one.  

5. Understand when Negative Experiences present themselves by managing your Thoughts

Being in Alignment means you attract the things you focus on - so if you attract a situation that you know may not workout in the environment you are in but is still very possible for you, ready yourself for things to fall apart before they get better. That’s your indication that redirection is taking place, so relax about it.  Understand what many mean when they say “be careful for what you wish for”.  Think of an extremely intense disagreement with your boss about the direction of a project that eventually results in a reprimand on your performance review.  This may be a sign that you are working for the wrong boss for you and that it's time to send out your resume.  Or, the environment you work in is not one that is conducive to your success, and that's okay.  As long as you understand that the path to Success isn't always a straight line up the corporate ladder, you will see that things will eventually work themselves out.  They always do.



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