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energy mindset Jul 20, 2022


I would guess that you have a few problems in your life, don’t you? Do some of them seem overwhelming, massive and unconquerable?

If you stood at the bottom of Mount Everest and looked up, it would appear incredibly huge and insurmountable, wouldn't it?

What if you changed your perspective and perhaps got in a helicopter and hovered near the top, or moved far away from the mountain. Then it would look different and perhaps not so overwhelming.

We all have problems (or challenges) in our lives that appear overwhelming. Often it just takes a change of perspective to change how you feel about it and to make it appear manageable.

This could just be something as simple as looking outside of yourself.

A colleague of mine has had a lot of problems recently. They seem overwhelming and she's been close to the edge with no apparent way out. Then her mother went into hospital for a check up and was admitted with a possible brain tumor.

She spoke to me the next day and said, "Suddenly, my problems don't appear so big".

If you are suffering from overwhelming problems then you need to change your perspective and create a new momentum in a new direction


1) Look outside yourself at the people around you and realize how well off you really are.  Stop looking at the problem.  If the people around you are part of your problem, those who always happen to show up during your moments of weakness who either cause the chaos or are there when you are at your lowest as bystanders, not really helping resolve things, then decide to step away from them a little. But don’t announce it, do it gradually and subtly.  


2) Visualize your problem and shrink it down. Put it under your feet or push it far off into the distance. Remove them by changing your stance toward them.  Focus on appreciation for all the other things that are working out well, then you will notice that problem slowly lose its significance to you due to your lack of attention to it.  Even if you have 9 things not working out but just 1 working well, put all your thoughts and energy on that one thing that is doing well.  This changes your perspective and makes it manageable.

Either of these will change how you feel and help you deal with your problems better and in a more resourceful way.


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