Ace Best Practices for Alignment Success

ace alignment mindset Aug 08, 2021


"Being in Alignment is a powerful place to be".  It is a state of being when things tend to fall into place, organically without us having to manipulate or orchestrate things from a place of lack. 

When we are in Alignment, we feel worthy and at peace despite seemingly challenging circumstances presenting themselves because we see the bigger picture. We have an intuitive sense of missing pieces from what is presented to us by others. In other words, we can read through dis- or mis-information.

When we are in Alignment we tend to focus on the right things, work on a solid team that aims to work well together, and things tend to flow well, for the most part. While life is never perfect, when things don’t workout for the best, we do not panic in response. We are able to leverage things like Emotional Intelligence and we take accountability for our experiences.  

When we are in Alignment, we have a strong sense of self, and know when and how to balance our personal energies, regardless of the environment we are in. We are genuine in relations to how we deal with others and we never do things at the expense of others, purposefully. We understand the value in being lifelong learners and we celebrate others. This is because the concept of scarcity, the thought that if someone else has something of value means we cannot have that same thing for ourselves is just not part of our stance. Simply put we think like an Ace, someone who excels at a particular sport or activity.

Here are Ace Best Practices to take on as a guide for a Successful experience. Having high standards prevent us from low quality experiences.  Here is a set of Best Practices you will find incredibly valuable. In a professional context, an Aligned Professional is a Healthy Corporate Citizen. They:

Best Practice #1

Operate as the best version of themselves. They show up for themselves so they can show up for their peers, their teams and their organization.

Best Practice #2

Maintain joy in their work, have passion for their projects and respect the skills of those they work with. They find excitement in and devote themselves to projects, passions or causes.

Best Practice #3

Understand that all professionals they work with have their own paths to manage. Therefore they appreciate the roles others play in the environments they find themselves in.

Best Practice #4

Are leaders who are professionally cultured, self-aware and strategic in their thought processes, regardless of their current professional level or role.

Best Practice #5

Understand the games people play, yet choose maturity in their dealings and interactions with them. The games stop when the Ace stops participating.

Best Practice #6

Understand how to manage setbacks effectively. They are masters at resilience. They fill their own cups and balance empathy with grit.

Best Practice #7

Carry themselves intentionally so that they can attract circumstances, events, and people that are aligned with the level of experience they want to create, associate with and maintain.

Best practices #8

Maintain alignment until the end to see activities to fruition but also know when to leave - the party, the job, the relationship... and on good terms. An Ace does not intentionally burn bridges.

Best Practice #9

Understand that being in alignment is not a one-time occurrence. It is a state of being that requires constant self-replenishment and self-validation that only the Ace is responsible for maintaining; and, when orchestrated well, impacts experiences on a continuum.

Call to Action:

Make these Best Practices your own, as your personal Successful Experiences Guiding Principle. It will impact your stances in the most effective way and will serve you well in your career and professional endeavors as well.  



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