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Note:  If you have already taken the "My Alignment" program, there is no need to apply for the "My Alignment ~ Advanced" program.  Simply register for the Alignment Skills Mastery. To access it go to the "My Alignment" site page.  Click on the "Alignment Skills Mastery" logo to register. That logo is located right above the "FAQ" section.


My Alignment (does not include the Alignment Skills Mastery)


My Alignment ~ Advanced <= All inclusive (includes the Alignment Skills Mastery)

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3.  Why you think the "My Alignment" and/or "My Alignment ~ Advanced" program is what you need to evolve in your career

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The "My Alignment" program costs $1,997 <= paid once in full.  It is the prerequisite to the Alignment Skills Mastery, which costs $997 alone.  <= paid once in full.  

The "My Alignment ~ Advanced" all inclusive program costs $2,997 <= paid once in full.  



I have the funds available to invest into this program right now


I have access to credit to invest in my development by a co-signer or investor


I would like to apply for Financing with an Ace partner. The option to request for more funds than the cost of the current program I am interested in is available. I understand that Ace will not be involved in my financing application process, will not have access to my personal financial information, and I will pay Ace directly once the funds are released to me by Ace's financing partner.

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Early Careerist ~ under 7 years of experience


Mid-Career ~ 8 to 15 years of experience


Seasoned ~ 15+ years of experience

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