Hi, I am Laëtitia!

♠️ I'm your Talent Experience Enhancement Strategist and Alignment Success Architect.  I am also an Author, a Leader and a Podcaster.  Think of me as your partner for success! ♠️  

Spreading the word!

Creating a culture of Alignment in the professional world is how I contribute.  That's why I share this amazing expertise.  Here are some of the ways I do it:


Sharing my expertise is the rewarding way I help all professionals!  Book a virtual webinar on Alignment for your team, organization, group or conference! ♠️

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Day in the Life

An aligned professional leads by the clarity of their example.  See what a typical day looks like for me. ♠️

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I interview professional leaders on their incredible journeys.  It's fun for me and a great way to share knowledge, tips and ideas.  There is so much to learn.  It's a privilege! ♠️


How Do You Relate?

Hey Ace! ♠️ & thanks for stopping by!  I'm Laëtitia, your partner for success.  Do you want to do well at work and in your personal life too?  Do you feel you've done or are doing many of the right things, yet you often encounter unnecessary challenges that impact your ability to thrive?  Please know that you are doing the best you can and you can indeed operate as the best version of yourself.  Have you ever asked yourself these types of questions?

What are some best ways for me to balance managing workplace and personal dynamics while remaining a High Performing Professional?

If this is a common question you ponder, you are not alone.  I share your concerns and live this everyday.  The Ace community is full of like-minded professionals who relate...

Is the environment I'm in conducive to my success?

Not always, but the vast majority of the time, our environments play a key role in our well-being and overall health.  I have learned ways to set my tone and create one that helps me thrive.  The Ace Community helps with best practices. 

I value leadership and wish my leaders provided me with better support

That's why Alignment is key to your success.  We are often taught to give our sovereignty away to those in charge.  Well, there's a healthy way to manage this while maintaining our sense of selves.  The Ace community is a great place to gain insight on the best tools you can use to thrive in your own leadership.

How I can help

I founded Aligned Corporate Experiences (ACE) with professionals in mind.


I love sharing the knowledge and best practices I have acquired over time.  My mission is to create a culture of Alignment among professionals in efforts to help elevate mindsets and thinking acumen.  My goals are to help professionals reach the level of success they desire, operate as the best version of themselves and own their experiences as healthy corporate citizens.  I teach Strategic Thinking acumen via the skill of Alignment for high performing professionals and leaders. The programs I created are easy to understand.  I am qualified to upskill, leveraging my experience in Talent Development & Talent Management.  ♠️

My credentials include:

  • Bachelors of Science in Management (BS)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM)
  • Modern Classroom Certified Training (MCCT)
  • Project Management for Learning Professionals
  • Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate (PPPC)
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Why I do it

I haven't always had leaders I felt I could trust or felt professionally safe with, and my experiences confirmed it.  I knew the alignment I was looking for in them had to come from me.  Becoming the leader I was expecting others to be was my game-changer!

"My passion is to help people generate and master the skill of Alignment so they can design and maintain the type of professional experiences that are strategic and that add value to their careers."

"The world needs our expertise.  But to share it in the best way, we must first be aligned as professionals.  Adopting the mindset perspective of an Ace is the most powerful premise we can undertake.  But don't just listen to me.  You have your own story to impact.  See for yourself.  Join the Ace movement!"  Follow us on IG - The Ace Alignment Experience.  ♠️

Available Programs

Experience your career from a place of Alignment.  Alignment University provides you the tools to strategize your experience.  From books to blog posts to podcast episodes, there are many ways to educate yourself on Alignment, Success & Leadership.  Focus on engaging topics to impact your experiences and thrive in ways you never imagined.  Stay professionally cultured with Laëtitia's Signature Programs:


My Alignment 

This is your key to operating as the best version of yourself, regardless of your skill level, work experience, professional background or job level.  This is the best investment you can make in yourself today to future-proof your Alignment.


My Success 

The courses offered here provide opportunities to develop a sustainable self-directed success strategy, on your terms.  You can apply what you learn in a way that best fits your career and goals.  Learn Alignment Management.


My Aligned Leadership 

How would an Ace lead? From a place of Alignment, of course!   Expertise your leadership.  The best leaders of all time have the self-awareness to be able to balance the "now" while considering their legacy.  Learn best practices and how to best apply them to make them yours.  

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Why I Started...

The Ace Movement.


An Ace is a person who excels.  I started the Ace movement to help my community (re)gain its sense of self with competence and confidence, knowing we all have unique qualities, skills and expertise to share with the world.  Being successful in the professional marketplace starts with exerting a strong understanding of our intrinsic values.  When we do, we can utilize our best qualities to further causes, excel at work, help those who can benefit from our expertise, and do so in the finest ways possible. Alignment is the key to Strategic Thinking acumen for professionals.

The world needs our expertise.  But to share it in the best way, we must first be aligned as individuals and as professionals.  Adopting the mindset perspective of an Ace is the most powerful premise we can undertake. Follow us on IG - The Ace Alignment Experience. ♠️

Tuition Options!

Whether you are looking to learn Alignment for yourself as a high performing professional, leader or want to help members of your team, we have options! 

One of the things dear to my heart is providing the opportunity of education to those who can't afford it to help minimize some of the pressure that often comes with wanting to better circumstances.  That's why I started the Ace Scholarship Raffle where a lucky winner is announced every year in December for a FREE tuition.  The Ace Corporate Options provides discounted programs for teams.

Check out the Tuition page.  Encourage your friends and colleagues to apply today!

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Contribution to Leadership 

Strategic Alliance: Metro DC Chapter, Association for Talent Development - Executive Committee Leadership team. Organization Position held: Board Member - Board of Directors & Founding Co-Host for International Podcast:

  • 2022 - President Elect, Chapter Continuation Partnership
  • 2021 - Vice President, Learning Programs & Communities
  • 2020 - Director, Virtual Programs

For specific details follow me on LinkedIn, and learn about my involvement with the Metro DC ATD Chapter.  I invite you to subscribe to the Beltway Broadcast Podcast & follow me on IG - theacealignmentexperience! ♠️