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My Alignment - Masterclass

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"My Alignment" 

In this program, you will get:

  • The Alignment Masterclass & Supporting Materials - online
  • The Alignment Management Framework workbook
  • Virtual Coaching:
    • Group.  Focus:  Transformational 

"My Alignment ~ Advanced"

Same as above + Alignment Skills Mastery 

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Alignment is within your reach

Improve your Strategic Thinking acumen with the "My Alignment" Signature Program.  Join the wait list for the Alignment Masterclass & its Turning Point Alignment Transformation VIP option.

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Dana Cohen
Marketing Project Coordinator
Emerging Leader 

"I started out as an assistant and wanted to move up in my career but I was stuck getting the same opportunities over and over.  Before I took the Alignment Masterclass I really was living my life without much direction.  I now have a good sense of what I need to do to better my circumstances and my career has started to flourish.  I should have taken this course a long time ago!"

Michael Chang, CPCU
Senior Production Underwriter
Skilled Professional 

"Things have changed for me in so many ways since taking the Alignment Masterclass.  I knew something was missing but couldn't quite put my finger on it.  This course has put me on a path to bettering myself and my family is grateful.  The last couple of years were very difficult and I was heading down an unhealthy path, despite my professional success.  Now, I see how much power I have over my circumstances in a way I never imagined before.  Take the course, you will be glad you did."  

Darryl Howard
Manager of Construction Services
Imminent Executive 

"Why this is not taught in the workplace baffles me.  I have recommended the Alignment Masterclass to all my staff members.  I can see the difference in the ones that have taken it.  The level of growth I see in them is invaluable.  The team is finally coming together now.  My daughter is finishing her master's degree and I have encouraged her to register as well.  Everyone should take this course.  The supporting materials were incredible."  

How the program is delivered

The "My Alignment" signature program is available in this format:

The Alignment Masterclass is structured as a 3-module, digestible self-paced online course.  Each module consists of 2-4 lessons.  Each module is released weekly over the course of 3-weeks and there is a short quiz to complete at the end of each module.  The course includes self-directed supporting materials in the form of a participant workbook that can be completed at anytime.  There is no additional charge for the cost of the supporting materials - it comes with the course as easily downloadable content.

The VIP option includes the Turning Point Alignment Transformation course; which is structured as a 3-week, virtual, group coaching course and provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals.  Each week, a new module is introduced.  Each week, there are quick assignments to complete that can be located in the participant workbook, which are due the following week.  On the last day of the session, participants conduct a brief, one-slide presentation to the group to close-out their transformation.  

  • Learn how to develop the skill of Alignment & become fluent in it
  • Increase your Alignment & Success capability
  • Improve your Strategic Thinking acumen
  • Maximize your professional value
  • Learn how to operate from a place of Alignment
  • Gain knowledge and practical application leveraging the Ace mindset perspective
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Benefits of the "My Alignment" signature program

The true cost of not learning these tactics is stagnancy.  Choose to take the leap, you will grow and as a result you will naturally: 


Exude Your Value

Learn how to display confidence about your skills and strategically attract support and collaboration from those who surround you.


Elevate Your Mindset

When you do, you align yourself with circumstances, events and people who are conducive to your success.


Work Smart

Let your skills speak for themselves.  What you focus upon matters.  Create momentum in the right direction.

A look at the modules inside the Alignment Masterclass


Human Dynamics - Understand the people around you so you can be more strategic in your interactions

"Relational work makes a huge difference in maintaining one's competitive edge.  From influence to interpersonal facilitation to relational creativity and team leadership; these professional dimensions can be best leveraged when we understand ourselves and others.  Doing so from a place of alignment is a game-changer.  There are 4 lessons in this module, the first three on understanding the Self and the last one on understanding Others." 


Alignment - Figure out how things really work so you can operate as the best version of yourself

"This module explains the ins and outs of alignment. In this module you will gain clarity on how things actually work, a mindset perspective of the most successful and best practices and strategies to maintain it on a continuum.  There are 3 lessons in this module.  The first explains how things unravel circumstantially, the second on mindset qualities and the last on maintaining an environment that is conducive to success, among other insightful strategies."  


Professional Context - Don't get caught off-guard and manage yourself to win at work instead

"Practical application of learned content works best when providing context.  In order to understand best how to apply theories and concepts, a realistic and pragmatic approach works best and is shared here.  There are 2 lessons in this module.  The first is to focus upon leveraging good corporate citizenship, and the last one is on how to ace one's professional journey."  

The Turning Point Alignment Transformational Opportunities
Virtual Group  Coaching 

You will learn Transformational techniques to elevate your Strategic Thinking acumen.  There are three modules: (1) Your Current State of Affairs, (2) Circumstantial Management, (3) Release & Reconnect for (re)designing your experiences from a place of Alignment.  These are virtual sessions that include an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals just like you!  Tactics for transformation and best practices are shared.  You will evolve as a result.  Scheduling details:  Three-week, up to 1-hour sessions with an optional bonus session on the 4th week.  Typical group includes 5-15 participants.   ♠️

Alignment Management FrameworkTM

You'll have access to this excellent resource!  

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"My Alignment ~ Advanced"

Once you've gained fluency through the "My Alignment" foundation (prerequisite), consider the Alignment Skills Mastery, where you'll learn the "How" of it all + Best Practices to impact your future endeavors.  ♠️

If you've already completed the "My Alignment" program, you can simply register for the Alignment Skills Mastery by clicking on its icon on the  ➡️  right.  This online component includes bonus access to the Ace Alignment Community.  ♠️

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Olivia Slora, Senior Director of Corporate Education & Success

"My team was undergoing a restructure and a Coaching colleague recommended the Alignment Skills Mastery to start things off on a good note.  So I took the "My Alignment ~ Advanced" program to test it out in my quest to find a refreshing way to help our team culture.  It validated a lot of things for me and left me with pearls of wisdom that I now incorporate in my leadership style.  Our team is better for it.  I made the decision to include it as part of our orientation that all new hires must take within their first 3 months with us.  This is by far one of the best investments I ever made as a team leader".


Meet your instructor

Your instructor is Laëtitia Gnago.  Review her About page for specific details. 
In her own words:

"Hi!  I'm Laëtitia.  I'm a Talent Experience Enhancement Strategist and Alignment Success Architect.  As your partner for success, I have earned credentials in the Talent Management field, in addition to my higher education and years of professional work experience training professionals from entry level to executives.  I am best known for simplifying complex information into digestible, easy to understand and relatable context; especially when it comes to Strategic Thinking Acumen.  More importantly, I am the creator of Alignment University; which encompasses the Ace Mindset Alignment Paradigm and the Alignment & Success best practices concepts in practicality as a new competitive edge.  This alone makes me best qualified to teach it!  It is my passion and my expertise.  I look forward to being part of your learning experience."  ♠️

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