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The key to succeeding in our professional experience is to equip ourselves with viable tools to manage our Alignment.    
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Introducing the "Ace Your Professional Journey" cohort:

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Dear Community Leaders:  Alignment is within reach!

This cohort is designed to help professionals manage themselves, especially as they enter or transition into a new work environment.  This is ideal for anyone who is looking to strategically elevate their value in a work environment in order to avail themselves of potential new opportunities.  Participants will understand the mindset perspective required to excel at work and fulfill their professional purposes, from a place of Alignment.  Each participant has the opportunity to understand the components of a healthy environment, discuss their professional circumstances, connect with like-minded professionals and put themselves on a path to acing their professional journeys. As a result, participants will become professionally cultured.  ♠️

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Cohort objectives

Wouldn't it be nice if you could...

Create your Alignment in these ways:

  1. Learn how to gain clarity in any environment, create a vision and set your intentions & goals for your career path
  2. Identify actions & match behaviors to create alignment, learn best practices to maintain it & create your readiness for future opportunities
  3. Manage unexpected circumstances and shift them, from a place of Alignment.  Then transition into your “new normal” 
  4. Learn the benefits of working with a professional coach and connect with like-minded professionals

How the program is delivered

The "My Success" signature program is available in this format:

The Ace Your Professional Journey cohort is structured as a three-phases virtual program over a 6-week duration (that's less than a couple of months!).  A typical cohort hosts 5-15 participants who meet up once a week for up to an hour then breakout into groups of 5 as needed for various activities. Participants will attend presentations, discuss their perspectives, leverage resources, complete cultural assignments, and work with a coach or facilitator.  We start with an introductory kick-off session, Phase I, II and III will serve as practical execution, and we close out the cohort where participants will conduct a 1-slide presentation to the group to share their experience.  Participants can gain access to the mini online course, for those who enjoy a self-directed approach as a compliment to their learning experience. There are no quizzes or exams.  The book, Ace Your Professional Journey serves as a compliment to the cohort and is available for purchase as well.  ♠️

Here is how the program is divided:

  • Clarity & Tone setting 
  • Practical Execution - Phases I, II & III  
  • Evaluate & Celebrate 
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A look inside the "Ace Your Professional Journey" cohort

Here is how the cohort is divided.  Ideal for transitioning high performing professionals and emerging leaders: 

Clarity & Tone setting.

Orientation & Introduction - week 1

  •  Ace Alignment Paradigm  
  •  Resources 
  •  Cohort Best Practices

Practical Execution.

Alignment Experience - weeks 2-5

  •  Guided discussions
  •  Activities & challenges
  •  Coaching opportunities

Evaluate & Celebrate.

Close Out - week 6

  •  Lessons learned
  •  Shared experiences
  •  Fun times!

"Are you part of a community?  Hear what people are saying":

Hear how these sessions can help your people...

Thank you!

Jason Cartwright, Fraternity Leader, NJ - USA

I hold an MBA and I've always been a leader but after leaving "the frat" I realized that I needed to level up for my career to improve. I learned how to transfer those skills to match the criteria for success in the professional environment.  I've attended the cohort & send our "brothers" to it.  The way we mature is something that would otherwise take much longer.  In just 6-weeks, you can really grow and evolve!  ♠️

Alicia Cruz, Young professional, Washington DC - USA

My family sacrificed a lot to provide me a good education and better life.  But when I changed careers, I felt something was missing when I joined a new industry.  The things I learned make me feel better and more prepared to be able to do well and advance professionally. I wish I knew about this much sooner!  ♠️

Farhad Izad, Community Leader, San Francisco, CA - USA

The people we support are definitely what I consider high performing professionals and many are emerging leaders.  Those who have attended this cohort come across more confident, well-adjusted and focused.  They "get it".  This cohort is a valuable game-changer.  I highly recommend it!  ♠️

Ace Team Cohort Investment

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We teach the cohort for and to your group

  • Pay one-time engagement fee per cohort (pay now to secure the Ace Facilitation Team) + individual fee per participant, agree to sign MOU
  • Facilitated 6-week program, once a week meet-ups, 1 hour per week plus assignment time for participants (5-15 participants per cohort) 
  • We teach the program for and to your group - all encompassing
  • Coaching support available for your participants during duration of the cohort! 
  • The book, mini online course and related materials can be purchased to supplement learning - some discounted rates available
  • Your participants earn a badge & a certificate
  • Coupon codes for other Alignment learning options available to cohort participants upon request

*For multiple cohorts as series, contact [email protected]*

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Self-Service Cohort Investment

one time payment

We teach your leads to conduct the cohort for your group - T3

  • Contact us for pricing
  • Guided 6-week program, once a week meet-up, 1 hour per week plus assignment time for participants (5-15 participants)
  • All presentations, scripts, links and related materials included
  • T3 support available for Q&A during duration of the cohort! T3 = Train the Trainer ~ Interprofessional Faculty Development
  • The book, mini online course and related materials can be purchased to supplement their learning - some discounted rates available
  • Your participants earn a badge & a certificate
  • Coupon codes for other Alignment learning options available to cohort participants upon request

*We also offer a multiple cohorts option as series, contact [email protected]*

*All prices in USD*


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Ace Your Professional Journey 
~ Book ~

This resource is a great compliment to the cohort!  Choose your version.
eBook, Kindle, Soft Copy, Hard Copy

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Why this program was created:

I want to provide a self-directed approach to help people help themselves...

Entering a new environment is not always easy when we want nothing but to earn income so we can take care our our families, maintain our lifestyles, remain productive members of society and dare I say, create some measure of success for ourselves.  Every professional environment has its own culture and, for those who are foreign to a larger culture, the assimilation experience can take longer than it might for others or be more challenging.  I have found myself in these circumstances in more ways than I could have imagined, and know that with a little strategy and introspection, one can put themselves in a position to thrive.  This cohort is ideal for groups that want to help their communities help themselves, whether this is for an organization, association, membership group, educational institution, sorority/fraternity, or for any talent/professional development enthusiast, you will find this cohort eye-opening!  ♠️

Meet your cohort creator

Meet Laëtitia Gnago.  Review her About page for specific details. 
In her own words:

"Hi!  I'm Laëtitia.  I'm a Talent Experience Enhancement Strategist and Alignment Success Architect.  As your partner for success, I have earned credentials in the Talent Management field, in addition to my higher education and years of professional work experience training professionals from entry level to executives.  I am best known for simplifying complex information into digestible, easy to understand and relatable context; especially when it comes to Strategic Thinking Acumen.  More importantly, I am the creator of Alignment University; which encompasses my Alignment Management FrameworkTM and the Alignment & Success best practices concepts in practicality as a new competitive edge.  It is my passion combined with my expertise and experiences that continues to help me create these amazing programs to help others ace their professional journeys.  I look forward to being part of your learning experience."  ♠️

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